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Good morning all I would love to introduce myself I am a 21 year old GUCian mechatronics undergraduate who considers himself to be a passionate punctual hardworking person with a strong educational background that facilitates learning new topics. I have spent two years at STEM schools and took SAT test I have also been one of the top ranked students in math section in Thanaweya Aama after I got 99%. I did internships with different companies which makes me used to sticking to the companies regulations and respecting it. Whenever I am available I don't miss the chance to do extracurricular activities which enriches my knowledge and develops my personality. I believe I can provide good tutoring services especially that I got past experience as I have volunteered to be a CS and Circuits I junior teaching assistant at the University. I am currently working on my tutoring youtube channel

I would love to get to know all the members and connect on Linkedin

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